Q. I’m having problems registering with WEVA online, what do I do?
A. Try following the HELP directions on the WEVA registration page. If still having problems contact the registrar, Mark Bowers.

Q. I registered last year, but can’t remember my password?
A. Follow the steps given on the WEVA registration page. If still having problems please contact our registrar, Mark Bowers.

Q. Do I have to pay both the WEVA fee and the club fee?
A. Yes, these are two different fees to two different organizations but both are required to participate.

Q. Do I have to pay the tryout fee and the registration fee?
A. Boys trying out in the 18-15 age groups need to pay the tryout fee at the Parent Informational Meeting or by the first tryout. The registration fee is paid once the player has made a team. Boys in the 14-12 age groups only need to pay the registration at the Parent Informational Meeting or by the first practice. There is no tryout fee for these age groups.

Q. How do I have to pay my WEVA Registration?
A. Your WEVA registration needs to be paid online. Once paid, you will need print out your WEVA card to provide as proof of payment.

Q. When are registration payments due?
A. Registration payments are due for the 14-12 age groups at the Parent Informational Meeting or at the first practice. Registration payment for all other age groups (18-15) is due at the first practice once teams are established.

Q. I don’t know which team my son should try out for?
A. A good rule is to think ahead to July 1st. Whatever age your son is in the upcoming July is the age he should be playing. If your son would like to play at a different age level, please sign him up for his actual level and then speak to one of the coaches at the Parent Informational Meeting or their first tryout or practice.

Q. What paperwork do I need to have and when is it needed by?
A. The complete list of all paperwork required for your son to participate can be found on the Joining The Club page.

Q. What if my son doesn’t make a team?
A. Some teams will have practice players. These are players that attend the practices, but don’t participate in tournaments. Also, there are other volleyball clubs that can offer an opportunity to play in the area as well.

Q. What if I am not sure if this club is right for my son?
A. Please attend our Parent Informational Meeting or see the Joining The Club section form more Information. You also have the opportunity of having your son attend two try outs / practices (depending on age group) for $35 to see if it is a fit for your family. Note: You will need to register with WEVA and pay the WEVA registration fee in order to be in the gym.